Hugh Anderson

Hugh Anderson Snowboarding video
Original snowboard video that I shot at home in TN, January 2016


My name is Hugh Anderson, and this is my personal website. I invite you to browse through each of my pages to get to know me.

About Hugh

My career and my passion is front end web development, and below you'll find links to my resume and portfolio. In my free time I enjoy RC and FPV aircraft, snowboarding, golf and disc golf, video games, hiking, and vacationing on the beach.

About This Website

I hand crafted all design and functionality for in March 2013 based on an original concept to present a web site as a 3 dimensional space. On the Links page you will find some of the key websites which formed the basis of my initial research into an Html 5 based implementation strategy.

Key technologies at work in my web design are:

  • Css3
    - Rotates planes in 3D space to make up the monolith faces
  • Css3
    (applied in 2 viewports) - Makes the monoliths look like 2 point perspective 3D
  • Css3 multiple
    colors - Makes the colors of the space, atmosphere, sky, grass, and earth
  • Html5
    - Draws the Sun and the shooting stars
For easier reading, you can turn off the 3D appearance using the on/off switch at the bottom of the nav bar.

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Online Profiles - these display some resumé info and other technical background.

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Current Availability: Unavailable

I'm employed by Ryan

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